• All CHOC Employees must register @ for any course at West Coast EMT – CPR Training Division
  • All CHOC Employees must provide their employee number to qualify for a West Coast EMT – CPR Training Division Course
  • All CHOC employees must present their ID Badge at the course check-in to qualify for the class.
  • All CHOC employees must have a current non-expired AHA card in order to attend a renewal class.

Employees MUST present this card at the beginning of all renewal classes. Employees will not be able to attend a renewal course without their card.

Employees with expired cards must register using the registration link on our homepage. CHOC will not pay for any employee with an expired card.

The proper AHA Provider Manual is required for admission to all AHA courses. Employees who do not have a manual may have the option to purchase one on the day of the course. However, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have the proper manual.

It is recommended that employees purchase their own books. Studying persistently improves retention of these life saving skills. AHA books are available for purchase at West Coast EMT – CPR Training Division.

All CHOC employees must arrive and sign in for their course no later than 15 minutes after the course start time. Students cannot be admitted into the class 15 minutes after the official course time begins. This is also applicable for lunches and breaks.

All CHOC employees must receive a confirmation email before they are confirmed for their course. If an employee does not received a confirmation email, then they are not officially registered in the course.

Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the course date at the latest. Cancellations may be made by phone or email.


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